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Oriental Dance Company & School

Amana Dance Theatre is a belly dance company and -school with its artistic roots in the theatre.
Our work is a unique mix of artistic drive, social involvement, and deep-human sensitivity. It is not the entertainment side of belly dance, but the artistic genius, the cultural diversity and the female essence that keeps us dancing.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, we produce theatrical dance performances for small and large audiences and travel in Flandres and abroad.

As teachers we organize courses and workshops in Antwerpen and Turnhout.

We work regularly as guest teachers or guest performers in Cultural Centres, Schools and World-Festivals, in Prisons, Refugiecentres, and Psychiatric Hospitals. We also performed several times in collaboration with the Touristic Services of the Egyptian Embassy, and with the Ligue of Egyptians in Belgium.

The Amana Dance Theatre has appeared on all major Radio & Television Networks, Newspapers & Magazines.

As pioneers of oriental dance art in Belgium, Amana Dance Theatre has a rich base in different types of body-work, a well formed artistic frame, and a deep and integrated knowledge of techniques, styles and traditions of this artform.

Driving force of Amana Dance Theatre is Vera Van den Berghe, actress and dancer-teacher. Her feel for music and affinity with Egyptian soul brings her to the heart of the dans: the Nile is in her blood. To share the beauty, the inner and spiritual richness of oriental dance with public and students is her life.

Eager to learn?

Our courses are in Dutch, but we do speak English and French, and we are used having foreign students in our classes. So you are more than welcome, and you will soon feel at home!
If you don't understand any Dutch, and therefore can't understand the rest of this site, we advise you to phone us 0494 12 12 80 or send us a mail: a@buikdans.net to ask for information you need. We will be happy to help you. If you learned some belly dance before we can give you a place in one of our advanced courses.

We organize courses in Antwerpen and Turnhout, and weekend workshops in Antwerpen.
We also organize oriental dance-evenings, friendly (belly)dance happenings.

We hope to meet you soon!

Organize an event?

You can book a performance

As we are used to travel with our shows, we would be pleased to dance at your event.
We offer oriental dance solo's, duets and larger group performances, short or longer programs.
Every show has a theatrical flow: it is never a simple follow up of dances.

For more information and booking you can phone us 0494 12 12 80 or send us a mail: a@buikdans.net

You can book a workshop

Besides the classic basic oriental dance workshop for every occasion, we offer some very special and original belly dance workshops for advanced dancers:

  • Earth & Lightness (about grounding & the vertical axes)
  • Inspiration & Reasons to Move (about the necessity of movement)
  • Belly Dancing with your Feet on Earth (about walking, running, stride and stroll...)
  • Poetry in Motion (about the art of emotion)

All these workshops are given by our master-teacher Vera Van den Berghe (Amana).
Of course we can also offer you more classical workshops with typical oriental dance technique and style, choreography or improvisation.

For more information and booking you can phone us 0494 12 12 80 or send us a mail: a@buikdans.net


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